Jackdaw Miniatures

The War of the Austrian Succession
Life like miniatures with vintage style in 28 to 30mm size.
Jacdaw is a range of miniatures intended to reflect Western European military history during the apex of the Rococo age, specifically, the War of Austrian Succession, which involved most of Europe and saw action in multiple theatres from 1740 to 1748.

The miniatures have been designed by David Wilson of Nice, France. David was once a student of Edward Suren, designer and proprietor of the famous and foundational “Willie” figures. After being tasked to do some work to carry on with that range’s unfinished projects, David was inspired to begin his own range to focus on the middle 18th century. His multifaceted talents as a miniaturist are apparent in the subtle and somewhat impressionistic liveliness of the figures due to their correct anatomy combined with his meticulous archival detective work which brings seldomly seen historical uniform details to the miniatures.

Venture Miniatures has been able to acquire the range and is excited to make available these very special miniatures. Initially, a basic force of French and British troops will be offered. Molds and green sculpts are in hand, along with active sculpting to produce the rest of the French and British army.

Troops from Austria, Spain, Piedmont/Savoyard, as well as the other nations involved in the conflict have limited components completed but more time is needed before they will become ready for production.
Some of the early figures have a “kit” component to them which has proven difficult for casting and order fulfillment and the range has evolved away from that towards a single piece casting method. Still, the “kit” type multi piece figures with arms, swords, and drums, posess a charming multi-dimensionality making them worth the extra effort needed to assemble.

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